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An annual NZBIG membership costs just $1 a day ($365+gst) – Excellent value when you consider the savings to be made with our deals.

We are entirely confident that you will realise great value with NZBIG. Just with fuel discounts alone, for example, your membership stands to return its value & more each year. Then things really get exciting!

In addition to NZBIG’s special supplier rates, you will also receive emails from us featuring a ‘Deal of the Month’ & be automatically entered into our monthly prize draws.  We want to add some fun to your game – for you to enjoy your membership & to spread the good news. So look out for these (& other) fabulous perks & giveaways.

Simply submit your online application to receive an NZBIG membership that is renewable after 12 months. Upon acceptance of your application (& you receiving your NZBIG membership confirmation) you will be promptly contacted by our partners to set up new (or adjust existing) trade accounts.

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A healthy industry promotes opportunities & support. That’s why apprentices sign up FREE!  Quality products & services, at the best rates.

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Minimal cost for MAXIMISED savings.  Just a dollar a day opens the door to a world of savings with leading product & service providers.

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