How It Works

Access Exclusive Deals For Your Business

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED whether you’re receiving the best buying rates for your business or had a client tell you they’ve been able to undercut your pricing? Well, with NZBIG that’s about to change!

NZBIG WORKS HARD to help you lift your game – by sourcing for you the best industry deals from a wide range of reputable suppliers of trade goods & services.

WE BELIEVE that by becoming an NZBIG member – you will become more aware of your spending, you will realise greater profits & you will generally just feel better about the health of your business.

TRY US & let the savings speak for themselves.

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Partnerships For Growth & Success

We’ve partnered with reputable suppliers throughout the industry who align with our vision of creating an environment where those in the ‘building business’ can thrive. Just like us, they want to see a successful sector &, with their exclusive offers, they are putting their support behind making it happen.

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Fuel Deals & Partner Accounts

Just simply register & pay for your annual membership online. Once you have done this, you will be issued a fuel card & our partners will promptly contact you to guide you through any account adjustments or new applications. At the beginning of each calendar month you will receive an email from us outlining our exclusive partner deals & NZBIG giveaways.

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A Level Playing Field For All

NZBIG operates on an annual membership basis. Because we don’t take rebates nor commission from our partners, your membership helps us to grow & improve our services to members of our NZBIG community. We are absolutely confident that your membership cost will be returned in value each year through the savings you’ll make on our exciting range of quality goods & services. Come see for yourself.

Our Partners