Get Back To Business with NZBIG – NZ’s Newest Trade-based Discount Programme

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We’ve been in the building game a long time. It’s challenging but we love it. From the carefree lifestyle of an apprentice, to the serious stuff of business ownership – we’ve experienced it all. Along the way we’ve come to understand a few truths about doing business in this industry & two of these truths lead us to create NZBIG.


Firstly, it’s getting more and more expensive to ply our trades. Whether it’s fuel for the ute or the price of materials – costs keep going up. NZBIG’s mission is to help you with this.


Secondly, this industry needs community – so we created our own! NZBIG is for every trade, and acknowledges the vital role each one plays in New Zealand’s construction industry. From sparkies to engineering consultants, at NZBIG we believe that when we do it “together we do better”. As a community we have more influence in our field. As a community NZBIG is able to present a united front in pursuing the industry’s best deals.


Our goal with NZBIG is to create a playing field where everyone, from small business owners to larger companies, can take better charge of their spend and put more dollars into what really matters.

So what is NZBIG?


NZBIG is the newest discount programme for tradies. We are a Kiwi start-up that seeks to boost businesses in the construction industry. With NZBIG you pay a yearly membership to gain access to a great number of discounts – designed to help keep costs down. We work hard to find you deals and better buying rates to help minimise your spend. With NZBIG you will be able to put more of your dollars towards growing your business.


We’ve found some great deals on fuel and phone, even vehicles (with North Harbour Ford & Mazda), tires at Bridgestone, a partnership with Placemakers, and much more.


For $1 a day (our yearly membership is $365+gst), you will end up with more bucks in your back pocket. This means more beers for the team at the end of a hard week (or coffees to start the week off right!).


A trade based discount programme is hardly new. What makes NZBIG special is our commitment to not take rebates and commissions from retailers. This means we can pass 100% of the deal on to you.


Who needs NZBIG?


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a carpenter, sparky, or an engineer. NZBIG seeks to provide great discounts on those everyday items we all use, for everyone in the construction industry.


We understand that in business money’s often tight. If you’ve been watching your expenses rise, then NZBIG is for you. With NZBIG you’ll have more control over your spend & be more secure in the knowledge that we’re busy working behind the scenes, to bring you the best buys.


Sign up now and begin saving, and sign up for our newsletter here (we’re adding new deals monthly).


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